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BASICS 1 2 3
Best Practices & Useful Tools for the Proper Management of Subcontractors to Protect Your Business
As a General Contractor (or if you subcontract any work), it is very important to have good relationships with your subcontractors and for you to use subcontractors who perform high quality work. After all, it’s your reputation that is on the line when something goes wrong.
Even more important than good relationships and quality work is the approach you take in managing the business end of your subcontractor relationships. In particular, requiring your subcontractors to provide proof of Workers’ Compensation (WC) and General Liability (GL) insurance and the use of subcontractor agreements can protect you from significant financial loss and even potential loss of your business. This booklet is a tool to provide you with the best practices for
subcontractor management. Let’s examine further...

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