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Dividends paid in total since 1997*

Audit Inquiries

In the event information documented on your audit is deemed incorrect, a process is in place to assist you with resolving your dispute. Proper policy coverage is vital to all parties at hand. Builders is in the business of ensuring proper coverage is place to protect your company. We want your premium audit to accurately reflect your company’s business operations. For proper handling of your audit dispute, please ensure all bullet points are met prior to the formal dispute.

  • Complete the Audit Dispute Application in its entirety either electronically or manually. You may use this Word document to create your dispute application. All applications should be emailed to Otherwise mail all documents to the Premium Audit Dispute Coordinator, P.O. Box 723099, Atlanta GA, 31139-0099.
  • Supporting documentation must be included before your account will be placed in dispute status. Email all supporting documentation along with your completed dispute application.
  • Please take the time to read and follow the specific instruction on the dispute application before forwarding.
  • Undisputed Premium Payment – Mail a check covering the undisputed portion of the audit.

* = Dividends paid to qualified Georgia policyholders.