Builders Partners with Shepherd Center for Injured Workers

By January 30, 2024News

Builders just provides insurance, right? Well, that’s like saying Gordon Ramsay uses a kitchen sink.

In fact, Builders helps with jobsite accident prevention, safety training education, accident recovery, and a smooth claims process all around – and all that’s in addition to the causes we support around construction and injured workers. You might even say we throw the kitchen sink at combating workplace injuries and getting the injured back to work – yet we do it with precision, expertise, and heartfelt care.

As part of our ongoing commitment to improve the lives of workers, Builders has forged many strong partnerships with agents, healthcare providers, and local communities. Since we’re a mutual insurer owned by our policyholders, we’re deeply committed to the recoveries of workers injured on the job, encouraging an efficient and healthy return to their daily lives. And to achieve this, we work with medical providers throughout the Southeast when our insured employees suffer traumatic injuries.

In many cases, our claims experts at Builders partner with Shepherd Center, a world-class clinical care provider here in Atlanta, to help the most seriously injured workers receive the finest care available.

Shepherd Center, a nationally ranked patient rehabilitation and research center, provides treatment and family support for people experiencing the most complex injuries, including spinal cord and brain injuries, multi-trauma, amputations, stroke, multiple sclerosis, and pain. And their devoted staff bring exceptional care and advanced innovation to each patient they admit.

Since we at Builders specialize in workers’ compensation, we champion a hands-on and immersive approach to jobsite injuries through the deep expertise of our on-staff nurses and claims representatives. Our dedicated teams collaborate closely with doctors, hospitals, administrators, and patients to build the most effective treatment plans. This vital responsibility to help patients first-hand is the passion of Belinda Fleming, Medical Management Supervisor and Nurse Case Manager at Builders. We asked Belinda about her role in collaborating with Shepherd Center.

“I’ve been an on-staff nurse with Builders for 6 years,” remarked Belinda on her front-line experience. “Our culture affords me the chance to see our claims cases as individuals, with lives, jobs, and families. Helping people is kind of why I became a nurse.

“In all my time with Builders, we’ve always sought premier facilities to help patients get back to their best lives. We’re committed to the recoveries of the injured workers we serve, and in cases that involve the most severe injuries — such as spinal cord injuries — we partner with the renowned rehabilitation experts of Shepherd Center!” Belinda affirmed.

Once Builders refers a patient to Shepherd Center, their compassionate staff begin by formulating ambitious treatment plans pushing far beyond any typical spinal cord injury care.

“Builders has been an outstanding partner in this arena, since they specialize in workers’ compensation, construction, and many of the very types of hazards that bring patients through our doors with severe injuries.” – Gloria Fagan, Shepherd Center

One such staff member has brought decades of experience in rehabilitative care to Shepherd patients: Gloria Fagan, Workers Compensation Outreach Manager at Shepherd Center.

“At Shepherd Center, our goal is simple: deliver life-renewing rehabilitation with three things – heart, humor, and hope,” said Gloria. “When you and your family join our family, we guide you to wellness with extraordinary care and compassion in every interaction, every treatment, and every outcome so you can begin again.”

Gloria then went on to describe the offerings and amenities available in the Shepherd facility for rehabilitating and healing new patients.

Gloria Fagan
Workers’ Compensation Outreach Manager at Shepherd Center“Shepherd offers family housing, fun activities, and comprehensive therapy,” Gloria elaborated. “And our training is detailed and thorough; we offer simulated kitchens and bedrooms to train patients in how to manage their days; we offer recreational therapy outings to the airport to practice boarding a plane. Our assistive technology team is always inventing new tools – and new ways to use existing tools – to improve the lives of patients with innovative workarounds.”

“And for many years,” Gloria continued, “Builders has been an outstanding partner in this arena, since they specialize in workers’ compensation, construction, and many of the very types of hazards that bring patients through our doors with severe injuries. Their claims processing is swift and easy to work with so we can focus on the patient.” Summarizing her thoughts on the Builders-Shepherd partnership, Gloria roundly lauded the results of their mutual aim. “All in all,” she stated, “Builders and Shepherd Center have forged a rock-solid relationship that only comes with our shared history and mission in helping patients.”

But Builders goes above and beyond referring patients to Shepherd Center. In fact, Belinda shared how, in the last 10 years, Builders has made millions in payments to Shepherd Center on behalf of injured workers to help them get back to work and life again. “And when we refer an injured worker to Shepherd Center, we know they’ll be getting the best care possible,” She concluded with a glowing smile.

Shepherd Center and Builders share a joint mission to provide the best treatment and recovery outcomes for the injured workers entrusted to us—and above all, to help them return to their families, professions, and lives. We at Builders partner with the best for you, and that’s Insurance Built Strong!

Builders Spreads Holiday Cheer with Shepherd Center

Builders takes an active role in not only referring our injured workers to Shepherd Center, but in furthering its noblest objectives through our donation of funds and volunteerism.

For instance: in December of 2023, Builders donated an early Christmas present of $15,000 to Shepherd Center earmarked for the purposes of Assistive Technology. This donation specifically targets the development and rollout of assistive device technology and tools to support personal independence for Shepherd patients overcoming disabilities or injuries. Such tools may include computer access, remote control, environmental control, keyboard modification, head pointing, switches, and more. And since some Builders team members have families and relationships directly touched by neurological disease, we take this mission personally.

And to finish 2023 on a positive note, Builders’ own Belinda Fleming, Senior Nurse Caser Manager, collaborated with Alex Seblatnigg, Director of Volunteer Services and Internal Engagement at Shepherd Center in order to arrange a volunteerism and donation event for 50 patients in the form of a Holiday Stocking Stuffing. And so, on December 6th, 2023, approximately 40 Builders employees volunteered to make a difference in the lives of patients undergoing some of the most distressing life transitions ever faced on most lifetimes. And to pay for this cheerful operation, employees personally donated to the fundraising drive to purchase supplies for the stockings, raising a $1,475.00 sum that was promptly matched by Builders.

Partnering with Shepherd is one of the best causes that an organization like ours can get behind. After all, Builders takes the outlook that our injured workers are more than cases or numbers – we deal with people, small business, families, and lives, and we operate from that concerned and holistic approach to promote jobsite accident prevention, recovery, and wellness.

To learn more about Shepherd Center, visit and consider making a difference by donating. And for tailored and reliable workers’ compensation solutions for your team, visit and request a quote today!