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Workers’ Compensation fraud hurts every employee/employer covered by Builders*.

The most common ways an individual commits insurance fraud is if he or she:

  • Fakes an injury at work to get paid time off
  • Exaggerates the severity of a legitimate injury to get additional time off work with benefits
  • Claims an injury occurred on the job when it actually took place elsewhere
  • Takes a new job and lies about being unable to return to work at the previous place of employment‚ or misrepresents by concealing his income from another job.

An employer can commit insurance fraud if the organization:

  • Understates the amount of company payroll to reduce premium payments
  • Claims employees are independent contractors
  • Misrepresents about the type of work employees do in order to qualify for and pay lower premiums.

This multi-billion dollar problem represents a significant cost each year to every American family in the form of higher insurance premiums, taxes and costs of other goods and services. Higher Workers’ Compensation insurance rates leave the employer with less money to provide employees with raises, paid vacations and other employee benefits.

You can help put a stop to this abuse. If you believe there is Workers’ Compensation fraud, call the toll-free FRAUD HOTLINE at 1-800-883-9305 Ext. 4154. Your call is strictly confidential. After we receive your call, Builders will conduct a thorough claims/premium investigation. If sufficient evidence of fraud is uncovered, we may turn the case over to the local District Attorney’s office for further investigation and possible prosecution.

Call the Hotline and Put a Stop to
Fraudulent Workers’ Compensation Claims!
1-800-883-9305 Ext. 4154

* Member companies of Builders include Builders Insurance (A Mutual Captive Company), American Builders Insurance Company and National Builders Insurance Company.

* = Dividends paid to qualified Georgia policyholders.