Premium Audits


The resources on our Premium Audit pages are designed to provide our policyholders with the detailed information and tools to help them prepare for their annual audits and make them go as smooth and quickly as possible. We know audits are “no fun” but they don’t have to be stressful and they certainly don’t have to be painful – all it takes is a little advanced planning. Our Premium Audit team is here to serve you and help make the process simple and easy.


These audits are necessary because your policy premium was based upon an estimated exposure such as payroll. An example of this would be your Workers’ Compensation or General Liability policy being issued to you based only on payroll estimates developed by you and your agent. The annual premium, or installment premium, was calculated using your estimated payroll amounts for the upcoming policy year.

To ensure the premium you have paid is neither too little nor too much, plus satisfy a Policy Condition; a review of your payroll records for the expired year will be conducted within 60 days of the end of your policy term. The outcome may produce a return premium owed to you, the policyholder, or you may owe additional premium to Builders due to the original estimates being less than the actual payroll.

The options in the left hand tool bar will help guide you through the premium audit process and provide forms you may require. In the event you have any questions or need any assistance, please contact the professional auditor for your account or email or call 800-883-9305, option “7.”

* = Dividends paid to qualified Georgia policyholders.