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Protect your business from many of the risks that businesses face with a commercial package policy from Builders.

Understanding Commercial Package Policy Insurance

Commercial Package Policy insurance (CPP) allows you to bundle various types of coverage within one policy. Commercial Package Policies are available for a broad range of businesses, and are easily customizable to the specific needs of your business.

Most Commercial Package Policies start with:

  • Commercial Property Insurance

    Covers property and equipment from the risk of fire, theft, disasters, and more

  • Covers claims including bodily injury and personal injury to others, or property damage and other claims arising from your business operations

Then a range of coverages can be added to your Commercial Package Policy (CPP), including:

  • Business Income / Business Interruption Insurance

  • Business Vehicle / Fleet Insurance

  • Business Crime Insurance

  • Commercial Umbrella Liability Insurance

  • Electronic Data Processing Coverage

  • Equipment Breakdown Coverage (aka Boiler and Machinery)

  • Employment Practices Liability Insurance

  • Inland Marine Insurance

  • Pollution Liability Insurance

Why Choose Builders Insurance Group as Your Commercial Package Policy Insurance Company?

Having the proper Commercial Package Policy insurance coverage with a reliable carrier is good business that protects your livelihood. With Builders Insurance Group, you can select the right coverage options that best fit your unique needs.

Comprehensive Coverage at Competitive Rates

We offer comprehensive coverage tailored to your needs. You can expect competitive rates, flexible deductible options, and few exclusions.

Resolving Claims Effectively and Efficiently

Fast, friendly, and efficient claims management staff focused on getting your claim processed as quickly as possible.


Financial Stability

Builders Insurance Group is rated A ("Excellent") by A.M. Best Company, a leading independent insurance rating organization.

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Business Owner's Policy vs Commercial Package Policy

What is the difference between Commercial Package Policy and Business Owners Policy?

Commercial Package Policy (CPP) insurance allows you to bundle various types of coverages within one policy. While similar to CPPs, Business Owner's Policies (BOPs) are available for certain types of smaller businesses and cover only certain types of risks.

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Answers to Frequently Asked Commercial Package Policy (CPP) Insurance Questions

What is Commercial Package Policy insurance?

A Commercial Package Policy (CPP) combines two or more lines of coverages into a single “package” policy. This combination allows more flexibility to customize the policy to your specific coverage needs. Most CPPs include Property and General Liability insurance, but may also include an array of other coverages such as Business Income, Inland Marine, and Crime.

What is the difference between Commercial Package Policy and Business Owner Policy?

Both a Commercial Package Policy (CPP) and a Business Owner Policy (or BOP) include multiple coverages. The main difference between the two types of policies is whether there is the option to add and remove coverages. A BOP’s coverages are “pre-packaged” and cannot be removed. The BOP is typically for smaller businesses. A CPP can be customized and offers more flexibility, as well as offering more robust coverage options.

What is Inland Marine Coverage?

Inland Marine Insurance provides coverage for products, materials, and equipment when transported over land or while temporarily located or stored off the insured’s premises. Typical Inland Marine coverages include Employee Tools, Contractor’s Equipment, and Installation Floaters.

What is Commercial Crime Coverage?

Commercial Crime Insurance provides coverage for loss of money, securities, or other assets resulting from business-related crimes. Common crime coverages include theft by employees, forgery and alteration, robbery, theft of property from the premises, and electronic crimes.

What are some common exclusions on Commercial Package Policies?

The most common exclusion is for commercial automobiles; business owners typically need to purchase a separate commercial auto policy. Flood or earthquake damage, equipment breakdown, and off-premises power failure are also frequently excluded. There are also some types of property that are not covered by a typical CPP, such as money, building foundations, and crops. However, some carriers may offer these coverages by endorsement for an additional premium charge.

What is Commercial Package Policy Additional Coverages vs. Coverage Extensions?

Most Commercial Package Policies (CPP) automatically include certain additional coverages, which cover losses that would otherwise be excluded. Additional coverages typically contain a sub-limit. Examples of Additional Coverages include Debris Removal, Pollutant Clean-up, Fire Department Service Charges, etc.

A coverage extension broadens an existing coverage in some way, and can vary widely from one policy to another. Coverage Extensions often include a sub-limit or a time limit. Examples of Coverage Extensions include Newly Acquired Property, Property of Others, Outdoor Property, etc.

Does Builders Insurance Group offer any Coverage Extensions?

Builders Insurance Group offers optional coverage enhancements on our Property and General Liability coverage. Each provide a suite of additional coverages and coverage extensions, either increasing sublimit of additional coverages, or adding some coverage extensions. We can also add Hired & Non-owned Auto (HNOA) as an extension to the General Liability.

What is an Additional Insured?

An Additional Insured is a type of status under Property, Inland Marine, or General Liability which provides coverage to an individual or entity that is not initially named in the policy but that has a relationship with the named insured. Additional Insured status may apply when the primary insured is required by contract to provide coverage to third-parties for risks arising out of their connection to the named insured’s conduct or operations. An Additional Insured, under specified circumstances, is entitled to some of the benefits and coverages under the policy. Insurance carriers providing Additional Insured status may charge an additional premium for this coverage.

What is an Additional Named Insured?

An Additional Named Insured is an entity named on the policy and has the same rights as the primary named insured. An Additional Named insured is 100% entitle to all the rights, coverages and payouts of the policy. They are given full policy coverage without the limits of an additional insured. Insurance carriers may have requirements to qualify as an Additional Named Insured on the policy, such as a minimum of 51% common ownership with the primary named insured on the policy.

How much does Commercial Package Policy cost?

The cost of a Commercial Package Policy depends on the size and riskiness of the business. Annual premiums are determined by factors such as sales and payrolls, property values and characteristics, location, and more. Visit and request your free Commercial Package Policy quote today.

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